John and Nellie McKenzie, ordinary people who went to extraordinary lengths to achieve their goals.

In 1895, John married his beloved Nellie, an Irish farm girl.  In 1898 they immigrated to rural Vermont to fulfill their dream of running their own farm. It flourished and included smokehouses for slow curing country hams. Nellie began giving hams as holiday gifts to neighboring farms. Word got out of their extraordinary quality and flavor. Soon the orders started coming and they never stopped.

Much has changed in this world, but some things are too good to change. Today, the McKenzie folks are still going to extraordinary measures to bring you the best meats made the old-fashioned way – based on John and Nellie’s farm methods for curing hams with maple wood smoke and using pure Vermont maple syrup for authentic flavor. We continue this tradition of bringing you authentic flavors with simple, wholesome food values.